Everyone knows that to enter Mega you need to use a Tor browser or VPN. But you can do without them if you use the official website, through which you can also go to the site. The list of mirrors is updated all the time by our administrators. Always go to the site using official links, otherwise you can become a victim of scammers.
Information about Mega

Mega official website

The closure of Hydra was a shock to everyone, but it was replaced by Mega in the spring of 2022. This is the same size marketplace, which is gaining momentum. And this is not surprising, since it was created by the best programmers, the brainchild of which are LegalRC and Ramp.


To enter Mega, you need to go through the captcha and the registration procedure, enter your login and password, preferably more difficult, after which you will see a variety of stores with prohibited products and services. All of them are divided into categories, it is worth scoring the desired one into the search engine, and the buyer immediately sees the product. When you have decided on the choice of store and product, replenish your balance using the exchanger function. In it, ordinary funds are transferred to cryptocurrency and credited to your account.

This is to ensure that all transactions are completely anonymous and the user’s identity cannot be deduced. In addition, the site does not have a database, and this also contributes to privacy.
Suddenly the site does not have what you need?

This is simply impossible, since the assortment of goods is the widest, and the administration carefully monitors its replenishment. In addition, the prices for Mega are very loyal, because competition forces merchants to lower them regularly. In the event of unpleasant disputes, for example, the product turned out to be of the wrong quality or its weight does not match the declared one, you can open a dispute and contact the administration. Your problem will be carefully studied and solved as soon as possible.

Can I access Mega from my phone?

It depends on what phone you have. If this is an android, then the application for it has not yet been released, but it is planned to be soon. So, we are waiting and do not miss the announcements!
There is no official application for the Apple system, which is also well protected, but there is an excellent Onion Browser application from the App Store, with which you can easily get to Mega!
Well, from a personal computer we go according to the usual scheme. First, download the Tor browser using the official website of the Tor Project, and calmly go to Mega using the link provided above.

In order not to lose the working link, save your bookmarks or copy the address, the update takes place once a month. Here you will see updates and changes to the site.
Beware of scammers who always fake links, often using the words Mega or «Mega» in the title, you should not click on them.

Pros and nice options Mega Market

The site has a fairly user-friendly design and interface, the design in yellow is very much appreciated by users. In addition, the mobile version is considered adaptive to a display with a low resolution. In addition, the connection speed is excellent, and security and anonymity are guaranteed for each user. Your order is processed instantly, and the self-written engine is very powerful and modern. There are no restrictions on the volume of the order, according to the preliminary system. The alert system works great. Moderators try to solve all problem situations as soon as possible. All stores are placed according to the rating in the top, there are consumer reviews about each of them. After the transaction, the user must leave a review about the product. Team members have their own internal chat. Availability of PGP keys. There is a system of bonuses and discounts for users. Also, the pluses of the site include captcha, it protects against bots, although many do not like it because of the complexity of the introduction and intricacy.

How rich is Mega Darknet Market

According to Russian media research, Mega’s income level is off the charts. Compared to 2019, revenues were $9.3 million, while in 2020 revenues rose to $2 billion. So, accordingly, the level of popularity is also growing before our eyes, along with profits. For the period of 2019, the site has more than 2.5 million new accounts, and with the closure of the well-known project in 2022, their number has increased significantly.

Mega Darknet Market

Calling all fans to kick back and relax! On our marketplace you will find all kinds of goods for this, as well as services that no one will ever provide to you on the bright Internet.
It doesn’t matter if you live in Russia or abroad, in neighboring countries, you can still shop with us. We conduct more than a thousand transactions every day!
Our original site, you need to go only through the Tor browser and VPN.

The Mega website is often blocked by scammers, so always look for only a working link so as not to be left without money.

The end of the link will always be only Onion and nothing else, keep this in mind.

On our website, you can read the reviews of real customers, as well as find out the rating of stores on a five-point system, which is especially valuable for newcomers to the Dark Web who cannot yet decide on the choice of a store on their own.

We list only the main advantages of our site, for which it is on it that you should stop your choice

  • Our site was created by real professionals, so the level of service and product quality is carefully checked and guaranteed at the highest level;
  • We always meet our clients and analyze each case individually;
  • You can order goods at any time convenient for you, day and night;
  • Very user-friendly interface and interesting design allows you to use the site without restrictions and with ease;
  • Huge range of goods and services.


This is the official website of Mega, if you follow it, your visit will remain completely anonymous and safe. There is an option to get to Mega without using the Tor browser, for this you need to go through the official mirror of MEGA ONION.

Once again, it would be useful to recall that the link must be re-read in any case. And it is better to take it from trusted sources, so as not to fall for the bait of scammers. If you are on the official website of the blackspruit, then you have the opportunity to transfer funds to pay for the goods, as well as use the exchanger.

All dealers are carefully checked by our admins, so scammers are simply not allowed to enter here.