How to find a link to MEGA DARKNET MARKET?


This site helps users get to MEGA via the fastest link in the .ONION zone





On this site, you will definitely not be able to get confused, since there are only ONION links on it, which can only be entered through TOR, otherwise there will be a white screen with an error. There is one button orange link «HERE»



The well-known Hydra platform was founded together with Mega Darknet Market at the same time. But of course, they didn’t notice her behind the three-headed one for a long time! Only after the fatal fall of the Hydra, interest in her literally skyrocketed. This is because they are similar in many ways in terms of design and options, but there are moments in which Mega overtook Hydra a long time ago. Among them, a progressive encryption protocol, and powerful protection against hackers. The developers have invested heavily in it and are tirelessly working to improve the security and anonymity system. The platform was appreciated not only in Russia, but also on foreign sites for stable, uninterrupted operation and quality of service.
Trading on the Official Site Mega Market Onion

Making transactions on this platform, you can be sure of anonymity and confidentiality, as well as the excellent quality of the goods. The fact is that almost all the stores tested over the years after the closure of Hydra promptly moved to Mega. The product range is not only not inferior to Hydra, but in many ways surpasses it in some of the positions.

Mirror Mega Market Tor

Let’s acquaint beginners with the list of goods on Mega Darknet:

  • All types of prohibited substances, from light to heavy, any weight and packaging, convenient instant bookmarks and constant replenishment of the assortment;
    Database fraud;
  • Unauthorized access to any personal records in social networks;
  • Buying and reselling left sim cards, bank cards, fake documents and much more;
  • Providing any personal information about a person;
    Fake prescriptions for illegal drugs and medical certificates and conclusions;
  • Buying a duplicate incognito server.

Any product can be bought online at any time, even during the day or at night. The administration strictly ensures that the assortment is replenished on time, and new dealers are carefully checked. The processing time for your application is a few minutes.

The procedure for entering and registering on Mega Market

Due to frequent blocking, it will not be possible to enter the Mega Darknet from a regular browser. You must first find a link to the Mega Darknet Market for Tor. It will help to bypass prohibitions and blocking and get to the site. Next, look for the mega darknet market mirror. This is another way to access the site safely.

Enter the verification captcha MEGA

We go through the registration and authorization procedure (we enter a password and login from Latin numbers and letters and other symbols. It should be both complex and memorable for you at the same time).

We create an account and see the buttons «Login» and «register».

  • Select the desired product using a convenient filter;
  • We replenish the balance with cryptocurrency;
  • We pay and confirm the purchase.

What do some icons mean:

  • Change the theme to dark if desired
  • Order list
  • Chat to communicate with sellers

There is no JAVA Script on mega market onion, but despite this, everything works like clockwork, without failures and complaints. While on the Hydra it is simply impossible. At the same time, a flexible API allows customers to better communicate with bots, almost automatically.

What types of currency and payment are used on mega darknet

Since the products on the site are prohibited, it is important that the transaction is completely anonymous. This can only be achieved by using cryptocurrencies. Mega uses Bitcoin, Monero and Qiwi wallet. All of them have both pluses and minuses. For example, the bitcoin rate is very unstable, and the transaction may be late for a long time. To ensure the anonymity of QIWI, you need to issue it on the left SIM card, but Monero is still the most profitable option, since the rate is more or less stable and transfers are inexpensive.
If you need to urgently withdraw money, this is done easily and simply at any time, you just need to press the withdrawal button and you’re done.
This is nice, as it is often not possible to do this at bookmakers or casinos.
Prices for Mega are also pleasing, as they are quite affordable for any category of citizens. Stores sell products in megacities, throughout Russia, which is very convenient. You can go to the mega darkmarket link and see for yourself.


The transaction is late, what should I do?

Sometimes it happens that the transfer of money to the card is very late. This is no reason to panic. You should contact the technical support service via an encrypted communication channel by clicking on the button at the very bottom. Don’t worry, our professionals will help you fix the problem very quickly.


Profitable business in mega darknet market

Many merchants have already appreciated the excellent conditions at Mega for starting a business. Firstly, you can open a retail outlet without spending a penny. Buyers are also satisfied, since any transaction goes through the auto-guarantor system, and no fee is charged for this. The only thing is that only one percent is deducted from each transaction to the site. The merchant also does not pay for the rent of the store, only after the money has fallen into the account, a commission is charged. Moreover, dealers are so carefully and multi-stage checked that fraud is completely excluded here!