Instructions for the correct login to MEGA

MEGA is the largest marketplace on the Dark Web. Getting to it is not so easy, for this you need to use the recommendations given.

The main difficulty in entering is the high risk of losing your funds. The fact is that MEGA was chosen by scammers who seek to cash in on customers who are eager to purchase prohibited products as soon as possible. They create phishing sites under the guise of MEGA, and inexperienced victims give them money. It is quite difficult to distinguish a fraudulent site from the original in design. Therefore, beginners fall into traps. In addition, an offended and deceived user is more likely to leave negative feedback on the forums, which will scare away potential customers. In the article, we will figure out how to get on the platform and avoid problems.


The first thing to learn is that MEGA cannot be accessed using a regular browser. Okay, it’s still possible, but to the detriment of yourself, because. this method will not encrypt the data and will not guarantee security. Therefore, there may be problems with law enforcement officers. To be sure of your anonymity, you should install the TOR dark browser. It is compatible with the vast majority of software.

After installation, it is recommended to deal with a specific interface, and then start searching for MEGA. You can enter the name of the store in the search bar and follow the link, but a beginner can easily get to a phishing site. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the official link: mega3mk6kh6zpswqcvuufuim6dv7kkaxmvyswveggtruiurrtoaor7id.onion or by mirrors. The list of mirrors is on the official website and is updated regularly. So, in order to be sure of the originality of the site, you need to compare its domain with the address of the one you looked at. If at least one character is different or at the end is not onion, but com, ru and others, the site should be bypassed.

After entering the platform, the first thing that will be required of you is to enter a captcha. This is a prerequisite. Then the usual login or registration procedure will follow, after which you can immediately start using it. It is advisable not to immediately rush to buy, but to familiarize yourself with the rules so that there are no questions of use and sudden sanctions do not frighten.

Login to the MEGA website

You can pay on MEGA only with bitcoins. You can exchange them from a convenient currency in the platform itself, which is very convenient. Cryptocurrency is used for the reason that the data of the payer’s wallet is difficult to intercept and identify. An important point is that you cannot withdraw money from the site. Therefore, you need to accurately calculate the amount of the purchase, so as not to regret the funds.

Bitcoin can also be purchased in the stores themselves, but this can only be done from trusted sellers. It is safest to exchange on MEGA itself.

As soon as the currency is exchanged for cue ball, you can start buying goods of interest. Delivery of surfactants and other «entertainment» substances is carried out by bookmarks. Here the system is well thought out. The seller himself will contact in a telegram and send detailed instructions. In the case of the purchase of other goods and services, each store will send instructions for receiving.

Our tips will definitely help you enter the site correctly, remaining safe. Do not neglect the recommendations and do not make impulse purchases from the first store.

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