Buying for the first time at MEGA — the main recommendations

Many newbies interested in buying illegal substances are interested in the biggest trading platform on the dark web, MEGA.

What is it that attracts them so much? First of all, of course, the range. On the platform, you can find almost everything from the prohibited segment: surfactants, «entertainment» substances, fake documents, SIM cards, subscriptions to various services at competitive prices, prescriptions for medicines, medicines, databases, counterfeit banknotes and much more. Thanks to this, the site is only developing and remains the most popular on the darknet.

Initial steps for online shopping MEGA

After entering the site, you must immediately enter the captcha. The user then goes through the usual login or registration process. Registration takes place in a different way from other sites. Firstly, you do not need to provide your personal data, send a password from SMS, etc. Secondly, since everything is built on trust, there is no need to confirm your inputs. All this is done for the purpose of anonymity.

Login to the MEGA website

After successful registration, the system will offer familiarization with the rules of the site. This is necessary in order to avoid problems during use. After all, access to a personal account will open, in which it will be possible to exchange currency for bitcoin and proceed with the selection of goods.

Some tips for new users

The first purchase of illegal goods is always exciting. Most beginners are afraid of every action on the site, as there is no experience and understanding of how the ordering and “delivery” procedure takes place. The main thing that stops is, of course, the law. However, if you do everything correctly, then with a 90% probability no one will get to the bottom.

Danger lurks on the site itself. There are many fraudulent stores on the site that will deceive and hide. Refunds are unlikely to be possible. To do this, MEGA provided the service of a guarantor — a third party for the transaction. He is an independent party and monitors the implementation of contracts. So, if the goods do not arrive, the money will be returned to the client.

True, there are a couple of nuances. Firstly, the executed transaction is valid for a day, which cuts down the range of stores in the vicinity. Secondly, if the client has not written about the violation within the set time, then the money will be transferred to the seller. Of course, the service is unfair, but what can you do.

Let’s imagine a different situation. For example, it is not possible to pick up the goods immediately, and it will lie for several days in a place known to lovers of freebies. The probability that the treasure will be found is over half, since even passers-by can see it. In this case, according to the client, the store will be to blame, but in fact, the reason for not receiving the goods is external factors. Therefore, it is unprofitable for guarantors to bear responsibility for long transactions.

Search and receipt of goods

Little-known and uncontrolled places in the city quickly dry up, so you have to leave treasures on the outskirts or outside the city. But in any case, being inexperienced in the search for «treasure», the walk will most likely take a long time.

All communication with the seller and courier will take place in telegrams. This will ensure anonymity for all parties. To prevent a scam from the courier, it is better to screen the correspondence and his nickname, which will later help prove innocence. Of the general recommendations, it is worth highlighting that it is risky to pick up the goods alone. Firstly, this may be noticed by law enforcement officers who know the places of possible bookmarks, which will seem strange to them, since a lonely person walking through the forest is suspicious.

Secondly, detachments of healthy people who are actively engaged in catching pawnbrokers and their clients can kick.

As it became clear, to purchase and pick up goods from MEGA you need to take every precaution, otherwise you can pay a good price for it.

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