How to bypass MEGA blocking

MEGA, like many platforms of this kind, is often blocked. Experienced users have long been accustomed to this, but for beginners, this alignment of affairs can be confusing, because at first it will seem that you have been deceived and funds have been taken away.



In reality, of course, this is not the case. The site is blocked for many reasons, but the main one is DDoS attacks by law enforcement officers and competitors. Also, the site may be unavailable due to congestion. In order not to wait for an incomprehensible time to unblock the site, there are basic proven methods that the vast majority of users use. In the article, we will talk about how to safely bypass the blocking and not fall for the bait of scammers.

Mirrors MEGA

In order not to lose the audience, not to cause inconvenience to customers and to have a backup site in case the main one is blocked, the developers created mirrors — links leading to the main resource. But even such a simple and clear method is fraught with danger. The fact is that naive beginners, eager to quickly acquire a forbidden product, are often used by scammers. They create phishing sites under the guise of MEGA and clean up another victim.

In order not to become a sucker, you need to follow clear rules: always compare the MEGA domain and the site you want to go to and make sure that the address has an onion prefix at the end. If there is something else, like ru, com, etc., then the site goes its own way. Mirrors themselves are safe, they can not lead to loss of funds. The list of current mirrors is on the official website and only on it.

Below we have given examples to make it clear what they look like:

TOR and VPN as Security Alternatives

Many beginners who are completely unfamiliar with the inner workings naively believe that the coolest darknet site can be accessed through a regular browser. Often, such people either lose money on fraudulent sites or abandon searches. In addition, switching to MEGA from a regular browser is fraught with anonymity interception and problems with law enforcement.

To be sure of your security, the transition to the trading platform must be carried out through the TOR dark browser. It is installed from the official website and is compatible with any PC software.

The browser allows you to freely surf on different resources, while remaining anonymous. The probability that data will be intercepted is extremely small (with the exception of phishing sites). In addition to this method, there is also a VPN. This is an old but reliable method of data encryption. If you use proven, and preferably paid services, then the probability of calculating IP is extremely small.

This suggests that law enforcement will see an address located anywhere in the world. There are also proxy servers, but their principle of operation is similar to VPN, so there is no fundamental difference when choosing encryption. In addition to all the methods described, do not forget about security on the platform itself. This includes connecting two-factor authentication, which will prevent account hacking.

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